Drywall Repair & Painting Services


Drywall Repair & Installation

The Handyman & Moore performs drywall installations, drywall repair, patching, and even replacement in situations of mold.  

Drywall is best left to the experts to ensure seams don’t show, crack, or have uneven surfaces.  We are happy to accept the entire installation, taping, & mudding of your basement, garage conversion, or whatever your need may be.

We also provide interior & exterior painting services as well as custom crown mouldings and trim.   And, if your home or deck needs a good power wash, we do can handle this as well.   Call us at (616) 510-9789.

Exterior & Interior Home Improvement Services

Interior Home Painting
Interior Painting
Crown Moulding Installation
Crown Moulding & Trim
House Painting Services in Holland, Michigan
Exterior Painting
Power Washing Deck
Power Washing

Interior Painting

Paint is the most inexpensive way to immediately change the look of your home.  Painting is certainly something that many homeowners can do but it takes precious time.  Our team can prepare, paint, do the trim, and be completely out of your house in just 2-3 days.   We’ll even prep any walls with drywall patches or install corner protectors in your high traffic areas.  You can have a completely different look in under a week.   

Based on our experience, we recommend using higher quality paints but we’ll certainly plan around your budget as required. Call The Handyman & Moore today at (616) 510-9789.

Interior Paint Finishes

Licensed & Insured with over 30 Years of Experience

House Painting

Homeowners can choose to paint the exterior of their house and choose color combinations that make your home look completely new.

Manufacturers today make paints for wood, aluminum, stuco, brick, and even vinyl siding.  Our suggestion is to drive around the new construction areas in Holland, write down some combinations of colors you like, and then let us quote out doing all of the work for you.

House Painting Services

Crown Mouldings & Trim

Installing crown mouldings, beadboard wainscoating, and just some simply millwork can change the look of your home.  Crown mouldings don’t need to be installed throughout your home like you see in Victorian style homes in the early 1900s.  Crown mouldings are normally installed in main rooms like living areas, family rooms, dining rooms, & kitchen to add an elegant effect.

Types of Services We Provide

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